Large Property Irrigation and High-Efficiency Irrigation Variance

The CICA, the Towns and Aquarion have worked together on possible variances for these water restrictions.  Currently, Aquarion will be offering Variances for three categories: (1) New Planting, (2) Large Property Irrigation and (3) High-Efficiency Irrigation. 


The New Planting Variance provides a 5-week exemption to the restrictions for new landscaping with watering allowed before 10am and after 6pm on any day and must be requested through the website by the homeowner/builder. 


The process for both the Aquarion Large Property Irrigation and High-Efficiency Irrigation Variance is:

1.       Customer applies for one of the variances from the Aquarion website and receives a confirmation email, which will contain a clickable link to the Irrigation Evaluation Checklist, which will also be attached . 

2.       Customer gives Irrigation Evaluation Checklist to their Irrigation Contractor (or, the contractor may have a copy of the form already). 

3.       Irrigation Contractor fills out the Checklist, repairs any system problems, and signs the Checklist in good faith.  (Important Note: An Irrigation Evaluation Checklist must be filled out, system issues fixed, and the Checklist signed by the contractor in good faith before an Aquarion Assessment site visit. )

4.       Aquarion Assessors works with property’s Irrigation Contractor for the on-site visit to assess irrigation system.

5.       If Aquarion Assessor approves irrigation system, Aquarion will be contacted and a variance permit emailed to the customer.

6.       If Aquarion Assessor rejects the irrigation system, Aquarion will note reasons for rejection to the customer and contractor.  No conditional variance will be given.


Please be aware that both the Large Property Irrigation Variance and the High-Efficiency Irrigation Variance require an overall water savings goal that must be achieved to receive a new variance in subsequent years.  Make sure you read the details of each Variance and discuss with your customer.  It is suggested that you develop and coordinate a water savings plan with your customer that will provide the agreed upon decrease in water usage.