Announcement Detail

Changes to Apprenticeship Program

From Brian T. Cafferelli, Commissioner: 

During the 2023 session of the Connecticut State Legislature, a number of law changes were enacted that impact licensed electricians and plumbers.

These changes will:

  1. ensure apprenticeship sponsors properly register both their apprenticeship programs and apprentices, with potential fines for failing to do so;
  2. allow contractors to apply for building permits online, where that functionality exists;
  3. increase the minimum fine for failing to provide time and wage records to not less than one thousand dollars per offense;
  4. increase the fine for violating a stop work order to five thousand dollars per offense;
  5. implement an annual registration fee of sixty dollars per apprentice for apprenticeship sponsors; and
  6. require an annual apprentice report by apprenticeship sponsors.

Attached is a handout highlighting some relevant sections of these new laws. Please incorporate this information into the curriculum for upcoming Continuing Education courses for electricians and plumbers.

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